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Eye Emergencies: Your Trusted Experts in South Tulsa

Regarding emergency eye care in Oklahoma, The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee is your go-to destination. Eye emergencies can happen anytime, and quick, expert care is essential. Whether in South Tulsa or Okmulgee, OK, we've got you covered.

What to Do for Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies can be distressing, but knowing how to respond is crucial. Here's what you should do:

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Step 1: Stay Calm and Act Swiftly

In any eye emergency, remaining calm is critical. Contact our dedicated eye doctors in South Tulsa or visit our walk-in eye exam center in Okmulgee for immediate assistance. We understand the urgency of eye emergencies and are here to help you 24/7.

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Step 2:
Protect Your Eyes

If you've suffered an eye injury, gently place a protective covering (like a clean cloth or a paper cup) over your eye, as this will help prevent further damage. Remember, protecting your eyes is the first step to preserving your vision.

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Step 3: Avoid Rubbing Your Eye

Resist the urge to rub your eye, which can worsen the injury or discomfort. Rubbing your eye can exacerbate the issue and may lead to further complications.

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Step 4:
Foreign Body Removal

If you have a foreign object in your eye, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Our skilled eye injury doctors in South Tulsa, OK, will safely remove it for you. Removing a foreign body yourself can lead to more damage, so trust our experts to handle it.

Walk-In Eye Exams in Okmulgee

For our patients in Okmulgee, we offer the convenience of walk-in eye exams. We understand that eye emergencies can happen anytime, so we're prepared to provide immediate care without needing an appointment. Our team handles various eye emergencies, from foreign body removal to eye injuries.

Trust The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee for Emergency Eye Care

Regarding eye emergencies, you can trust The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee to provide the expert care you need, whether in South Tulsa or Okmulgee, OK. We are committed to your eye health and well-being. Don't let an eye emergency compromise your vision. Contact us immediately, or visit our walk-in eye exam center in Okmulgee. We're here to help you when you need it most. Your eyes deserve the best care, and that's what we deliver.

Urgent Care in South Tulsa

Our South Tulsa urgent care facility can handle a wide range of eye emergencies. We're your local experts in emergency eye care and take pride in our ability to serve the South Tulsa community.

Whether you're dealing with pink or red eyes, an eye injury, or any other eye-related emergency, we have the expertise and resources to provide the prompt and expert care you need.