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Managing Ocular Diseases with Expertise

Ocular diseases can be concerning, but you can manage them effectively with the right expertise and advanced technology. At The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee in Okmulgee, OK, we specialize in treating and managing ocular diseases, including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Your Ocular Disease Solutions

We are your trusted partners in ocular disease management in Tulsa, OK. Our dedicated team of eye care professionals is committed to providing the most advanced and effective solutions for ocular diseases.

Advanced Equipment and Technology

Our commitment to your eye health is evident in the advanced equipment we utilize. We employ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), visual field testing, lasers, retinal cameras, and radio frequency units to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Glaucoma: Silent Threat to Vision

Glaucoma is often known as the "silent thief of sight" because it progresses without noticeable symptoms until significant vision loss occurs.

At The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee in Tulsa, we prioritize glaucoma management. Our advanced equipment and expertise ensure early detection and effective treatment.

How is glaucoma diagnosed?

We typically diagnose glaucoma through a comprehensive eye exam that includes measuring intraocular pressure, examining the optic nerve, and assessing visual fields. Early detection is crucial for effective management.

Macular Degeneration: A Leading Cause of Vision Loss

Macular degeneration is a common eye condition that results in the loss of central vision. This condition can significantly impact your ability to read, drive, and recognize faces.

Eye Test Close Up

Your Partner in Macular Degeneration Management

Regarding your eye health and the management of macular degeneration, The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee stands as your dedicated partner in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. We understand the impact of macular degeneration on your life, and we are committed to providing you with the highest care and expertise.

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Advanced Solutions for Macular Degeneration

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of ophthalmic advancements means you have access to the latest and most effective treatments. We understand that managing macular degeneration requires a comprehensive approach and are well-prepared to deliver just that.

Cataracts: A Clouding of the Lens

Cataracts are characterized by clouding the eye's natural lens, leading to blurry vision and visual impairment. At The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee, we're experts in managing cataracts.

Aggressive Cataracts: Specialized Care

Aggressive cataracts may require more prompt intervention. Our team is well-equipped to address these cases with precision.

Are cataracts treatable?

Yes, cataracts are treatable. You can remove them through cataract surgery, a common and highly effective procedure.

Scehdule Your Appointment at The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee

We take a personalized approach to ocular disease management. Our team collaborates with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover our advanced solutions. Your vision is our top priority, and we're here to guide you on your journey to better eye health. Don't wait; take the first step now.