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Meet our optometric team at The Eye Center in Okmulgee and South Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages - all with personalized attention and a smile. In our eye care office, every patient is treated warmly. Individualized attention is the foundation of our care, to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. We're dedicated to optimizing your vision!

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Meet Our Eye Doctors

The Eye Center provides innovative eye care services to patients from in and around Okmulgee and South Tulsa. We offer comprehensive eye health assessments, ocular disease diagnosis and treatment, contact lens evaluation and fitting, and prescriptions.

We welcome new patients and accept most major forms of insurance.

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Dr. James Ward

Dr. Ward specializes in ocular disease with a wide range of technical training and experience. He is certified in and routinely performs anterior segment laser procedures.

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Dr. Cale Fulps

While in optometry school Dr. Fulps received the J. Pat Cummings clinical excellence award, was selected by the faculty as Most Outstanding Graduating Clinician in his class.


The Eye Center in Okmulgee and South Tulsa

The team at The Eye Center aims to provide the best possible solution for the patient's eye health and vision needs. By utilizing the latest technologies and evidence-based treatments, we can ensure that each patient maintains optimal eye health.