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Explore the World of Eyeglasses at The Eye Center

Eyeglasses are more than just a vision correction tool; they are a fashion statement, an expression of your style, and a way to see the world more clearly. At The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee, we offer a diverse range of eyeglasses, including designer frames, prescription glasses, and the innovative world of progressive lenses.

Your Eyeglasses, Your Style

Eyeglasses are a reflection of your personality and style. At The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee, we believe in offering choices that empower you to express yourself while enjoying crystal-clear vision. With our diverse selection of eyeglasses, including designer frames and progressive lenses, we are here to help you find the perfect pair that complements your lifestyle and enhances your vision.

Designer Frames

Designer Frames

Elevate your style with our collection of designer frames. Discover the latest trends and classic designs from renowned fashion houses, ensuring you see clearly and look your best.

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Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with our stylish sunglasses collection. We offer a wide selection of sunglasses that combine fashion and sun protection, ensuring you enjoy the sun safely.

Kids Optical

Kids' Optical

We understand the unique needs of young wearers. Our Kids' Optical section features a diverse range of eyeglasses specially designed for children. We make it easy for kids to embrace their eyeglasses, providing clear vision and confidence.

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Eyeglass Basics

Are you new to eyeglasses or need a refresher on eyeglass care? Our Eyeglass Basics section provides valuable information on cleaning, storing, and maintaining your eyeglasses for long-lasting clarity and comfort.

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Lens Treatments

Enhance your eyeglasses with our range of lens treatments. From anti-reflective coatings to scratch-resistant options, we offer solutions to improve the durability and performance of your lenses.

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Specialty Eyewear

Discover our selection of specialty eyewear designed for unique eye care needs. Whether you require safety glasses, sports goggles, or computer eyewear, we have the right solution.

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Prescription Eyeglasses

Your vision is unique, and so are your eyeglasses. We provide prescription eyeglasses tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy clear vision and style with our customized options.

Transition Lenses

Transitions® Lenses

Experience the convenience of Transitions® lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. Our Transitions® options ensure you have optimal clarity and eye protection, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

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EyeGlass Guide

Navigate the world of eyeglasses with our EyeGlass Guide. Learn about different frame styles, lens materials, and more to make informed choices when selecting your perfect eyeglasses.

Understanding Your Progressive Lenses

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses, often called progressive eyeglasses or no-line bifocals, are a revolutionary solution for those requiring multiple prescriptions in a single pair of glasses. Unlike traditional bifocals or trifocals with visible lines that separate different lens powers, progressive lenses offer a seamless transition between near, intermediate, and distance vision. They are an excellent choice for individuals who need reading and distance vision correction, with the added benefit of intermediate vision for activities like computer use.

The Advantages of Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses provide several advantages, including:

  • Natural Vision: With progressive lenses, you can enjoy natural, uninterrupted vision. No visible lines or segment boundaries make the transition between different prescription strengths smooth and comfortable.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Progressive lenses are sleek and modern, eliminating the telltale lines seen in traditional bifocals or trifocals. This design aspect is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Versatility: These lenses are versatile and cater to various vision needs, making them an ideal choice for people with presbyopia, which affects near vision as you age.
  • Improved Comfort: Progressive lenses allow you to see clearly at all distances without constantly switching between multiple pairs of glasses.
  • Discreet Correction: The absence of visible lines means that your vision correction is discreet, and others won't easily notice that you wearing multifocal lenses.

Designer Eyewear for Every Style

Eyeglasses are not just about seeing clearly; they're also a fashion statement. At The Eye Center of South Tulsa and Okmulgee, we stock a wide array of designer frames that cater to every style and preference. From classic and timeless designs to bold and contemporary choices, our designer eyewear collection has something for everyone.